Thursday, 18 August 2011


Busy day sorta. Both positive and negative things but hey it's all right. I usually have my radio on 24/7 one songthat played to day was Good Life by One Republic ah hat do we have to complain about? This is a good life:) made me think more..... We should be thank Gil that we are here ad noatter what happens in life, it's Gods will, and we need to trust fuly on Him and He will give us a good life. Because tbh no life is good wothout God) later on in the day thunderstorm sorta.. rain that smelled so good.. they should make air freshener like that. Built a bulletin board for my room and worked my on my room. Rode my horse) ah siting here and one of my favorites is on the radio Just A Dream by Nelly:) anywyas I'll post pictures later... hopefully..:P

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