Monday, 15 August 2011


I feel as if this big world is crushing down,
Bombs are going off, children dying from the hunger.
Nobody knows, the pain, what these third world countries suffer,
Only they themselves can really make it out,
Why? Because nobody really cares about a thing in this world.

If there were no more lies, no more fear, no more death, no more hunger,
No more pain, no more sorrow, no more grief, no more tears,
Imagine what we could be, one whole happy nation, yet none realize the true meaning in happiness. Why? Because they are all caught up in their own little fantasies.

If everyone just took a second, out of every day, to care for someone in need.
If everybody thought of Christ and what he would do.
If everyone could realize that all this dream is really life?
What would happen then? Who would we become? Where would we stand?

But everyone does there own little thing, to hide all the insides and the hurt,
If they could share and sort things out, imagine were we would be.
We could have a happy nation, united all in one loud voice,
Singing to the Lord, instead of just being a shadow, watching in the dark.

In this life we have began, focus on the light, instead of the night,
Be a friend, brighten some one’s day, show a smile, and do all you can.
Love one another, do not hate. Imagine what the world could be
If we all pulled our heads out of the clouds and into this life God has given to us.

by chantelle van den assem

this is just one of my many poems and writtings, this is from grade 7.

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